RR988 - Ventilation of enclosures for removal of asbestos containing materials

When removal of high-risk asbestos-containing materials takes place, the work should be carried out inside a specially constructed ventilated enclosure to prevent the spread of asbestos outside the work area. The aim of this research project was to investigate the factors that affect the containment potential of temporary ventilated enclosures. The work covered; the way that air moves within ventilated enclosures, how the construction of enclosures and airlocks affects air movement and containment, and how the positioning of extraction points and air inlets affect air movement and containment. Work was done to investigate the relationship between air flow and negative pressure, and containment. The study also examined factors which affect the ability of enclosures to contain asbestos, such as unplanned openings. In addition to this the effect of removing ceiling tiles and the size of ceiling void relative to the enclosure was investigated.

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Updated 2021-04-26