RR818 - Follow up evaluation of HSE's web based Work-Related Violence Toolkit

This project is the second phase of the evaluation of the 'Managing violence in licensed and retail premises' toolkit. The toolkit is aimed at duty holders in licensed and retail premises and is also intended as a resource for Local Authority inspectors.

The HSE was interested in collecting feedback about the toolkit from people who had used it and were, therefore, able to comment on its usability and effectiveness. The evaluation used an online survey placed on the HSE violence website, and semi-structured telephone interviews to collect data from duty holders, Local Authority inspectors and stakeholders in the toolkit.

Findings indicated that although a large number or respondents were aware of the toolkit, a small number (28) had actually used it. The majority of those users said that they had found it helpful. The main groups using the toolkit were Local Authorities and the licensed and retail sectors, which represents the HSE target audience. Although, the findings indicate that the toolkit is not reaching the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within these sectors, ie those organisations employing less than 250 people. The respondents from outside the target audience represented housing, healthcare and training and consultancy organisations.

The telephone interviews generated insights about how duty holders and Local Authority inspectors use the toolkit. Duty holders used it as a source of reference to update existing policies and procedures, and as a source of best practice to compare existing approaches against. Local Authority inspectors found the toolkit useful when explaining the issue of work related violence to duty holders.

This report and the work it describes were funded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Its contents, including any opinions and/or conclusions expressed, are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect HSE policy.

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Updated 2021-04-23