RR686 - Lessons learned from the Large Organisations Partnership Pilot (LOPP)

The Large Organisations Partnership Pilot (LOPP) was a joint initiative, launched in October 2005, between the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services (LG Regulation (formerly LACORS)) to explore how engagement with large organisations (defined as having > 10,000 employees in the UK, with multi-site operations), could be improved.

The objectives of LOPP were:

However, the purpose of this research is not to evaluate the extent to which these objectives have been met. The LOPP community (regulators and organisations involved) recognise that, at the end of three years of LOPP, the pace at which the various partnerships have developed has resulted in a wide variance in the maturity of the different relationships, and this would not provide a useful database for analysing the effectiveness of established partnerships at which the above objectives are aimed. Nevertheless, the experience over the three years provides a useful database for drawing practical lessons, and determining the factors which influence the establishment of LOPP-style relationships, for any future HSE/LA engagement with large organisations. The research findings outlined in this report is intended to help identify these lessons.

This report and the work it describes were funded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Its contents, including any opinions and/or conclusions expressed, are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect HSE policy.

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Updated 2021-04-23