RR647 - Musculoskeletal disorders in podiatry and chiropody professionals


Previous research recognised risks of musculoskeletal ill health within working podiatrists, as an area where interventions may be effective in improving podiatrists' working postures by reducing their exposure to musculoskeletal risks. The main objective of this project was to introduce some portable equipment for podiatrists to use on domiciliary visits and highlight any improvements that the equipment has on the working postures when podiatrists are performing treatments.

Main findings

During observations of the podiatrists using this equipment for client's treatments, opinions were noted and the podiatrists working postures were filmed for analysis. Common themes emerged from the discussions with the podiatrists, both positive and negative. However the posture analysis showed that the equipment significantly improved the podiatrists working postures during domiciliary visits.


Recommendations are made for improving the equipment. These are mainly related to the equipment's current limited range of adjustability. Recommendations were also made for the correct way of introducing this equipment into the podiatry sector, transporting the equipment and eliminating cross contamination between patients.

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Updated 2021-04-23