RR563 - Watch Your Step campaign evaluation: qualitative research

Watch Your Step was a major campaign for HSE, and ran in October 2005. It aimed to raise awareness of the issue of slip and trip accidents and to encourage both employers and employees to take action to prevent them. It was hoped that the campaign would contribute to a significant reduction in slip and trip accidents, thereby helping the HSE to meet its Public Service Agreement targets for injury reduction.

This report covers a qualitative follow-up evaluation study conducted between May and July 2006, which comprised interviews with duty holders and employees. The key objectives of this study were to understand the extent to which the campaign, and specifically the communications, has prompted attitudinal and behavioural change; and to understand the extent of these changes. The research also served to explore perceptions of the campaign components amongst those who interacted with it in order to identify possible improvements to future campaigns. A wider evaluation report looking at the impact of the campaign overall is published alongside this research (RR548).

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Updated 2021-04-22