RR463 - Avoiding structural collapses in refurbishment: A decision support system

This report is based on the research project 'Avoiding Structural Collapse in Refurbishment: Decision Support System' funded by The Health and Safety Executive. It documents the development of a Decision Support System to prevent structural collapses on refurbishment projects. The aim of the project, which commenced in April 2003, was to investigate the management of refurbishment projects and to identify areas where decision support can help in avoiding structural collapses.

It builds on the recommendations made in an earlier HSE-funded research project (HSE Research Report 204, 2004) on 'Health and Safety in Refurbishment Involving Structural Instability and Partial Demolition', which focused on identifying the key factors responsible for the high rate of accidents and safety incidents in refurbishment projects.

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Updated 2021-04-20