RR447 - Fast rescue craft recovery by installation crane: Phase 2 study

This project is a continuation of a previous HSE study which reviewed the possibility of using existing offshore pedestal type cranes for the launch and recovery of fast response craft (FRC's). Phase 1 concentrated mainly on the environmental and operational problems associated with launch/recovery of the FRC and was commissioned by HSE in response to the industry project reviewing the possibility of scaling down the number of stand by vessels operating in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf. One concept was the permanent stationing of a FRC (or FRC'S) on a fixed offshore installation that could be launched/recovered by the platform cranes for emergency rescue and other forms of installation support.

This phase 2 study focuses in more detail on the sole issue of the suitability of existing pedestal cranes on fixed installations to safely launch and recover a FRC.

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Updated 2021-04-20