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RR443 - An analysis of the significant causes of fatal and major injuries in construction in Scotland

This report describes a study to investigate the causes underlying the differences between the accident rate in Scottish construction and construction in the rest of Great Britain. This involved identifying the most significant causes of fatal and major accidents within construction on both sides of the border, including any specific to SMEs, and examining national differences with particular focus on factors that can be influenced by HSE and the construction industry to reduce accident rates.

Analyses were undertaken of the RIDDOR accident data, Labour Force Survey data and notifier surveys. Causal analyses of fatal injury accidents were also undertaken. A range of stakeholders were consulted via interviews and site visits on both sides of the border.

The findings indicate that the most significant factor in explaining the difference in accident rates is the differing occupational make up of Scotland and the rest of Great Britain. There are proportionally many more manual (at risk) workers in Scottish construction than in the rest of Great Britain. As a result, it appears that the overall accident rate is higher in Scotland.

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Updated 2019-08-27