RR339 - Promoting health and safety as a key goal of the Corporate Social Responsibility agenda

The Health and Safety Commission/Executive (HSC/E) is looking to business to move beyond compliance with health and safety regulations to continuously improve all aspects of the working environment that result in a workforce that is 'happy, healthy and here'. It recognises that, as a result of progress in improving occupational safety, the major challenge for the UK in improving Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) lies in improving occupational health. Issues of occupational health are less amenable to regulation than occupational safety. CSR is therefore a potential valuable trend for the HSC/E to promote OHS.

This study was commissioned in order to consider the current thinking within CSR with respect to OHS, the views of the key CSR players on OHS in the CSR agenda and the actions that the HSC/E could take to raise the profile of OHS in the CSR agenda.

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Updated 2021-04-19