RR335 - Further development of a corporate health and safety performance management index for use by business, investors, employees, the regulator and other stakeholders: validating the index

The Health and Safety Commission (HSC) set out a number of actions in Revitalising Health and Safety that were aimed at promoting greater corporate responsibility and accountability for health and safety across private, public and voluntary sectors. This included encouragement of investors and other key financial players to have a greater regard to health and safety management performance when making investment decisions. The Corporate Health and Safety Performance Index (CHaSPI) was developed on behalf of the Health and Safety Commission as a tool to aid this process. This report describes a project that aimed to validate the index by testing its completion and use by large and very large organisations: and establish its value to investors and other stakeholders. The research is based on feedback interviews with 57 organisations that had completed or attempted to complete CHaSPI and 25 stakeholder organisations particularly investors and other financial players who may be users of CHaSPI data. Overall there were few issues related to the practical use of CHaSPI, most users found it face valid and a number of potential benefits were identified. Difficulties were highlighted in relation to the ability to complete CHaSPI at group level, the value of some of the indicators and being proportionate to low risk environments. Based on these findings the recommendations focus on developing practical solutions to encourage uptake and use.

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Updated 2021-04-19