RR306 - Investigating practices in communication and information exchange amongst CDM duty-holders

This report investigated the communication and information exchange issues (including process and content issues) that CDM duty-holders across the U.K. (including Northern Ireland) reported as being influential in shaping the direction of H&S (both for the good and the bad). A key aim of the study was to provide guidance and recommendations for good practice to duty-holders and other key stakeholder groups.

The results indicated that the introduction of the CDM Regulations was felt to have raised the awareness of H&S across the construction industry (especially amongst the large contractors group), helped to clarify roles and responsibilities of CDM Duty-holders, helped to promote good H&S management and communications practices as well as highlighting the need for proper time and resource planning to take place. The Client was seen as a key driver for setting the tone for a positive H&S culture.

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Updated 2021-04-19