RR302 - A technical guide to the selection and use of fall prevention and arrest equipment

The following report was prepared by Glasgow Caledonian University, School of the Built and Natural Environment for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and describes a study on fall prevention and arrest equipment available to the construction industry. The objectives of the research are to critically appraise:

There is a large, and increasing, availability and diversity of such equipment and this research has collected data on each of the systems, currently available. The principles of the 'hierarchy of risk control' are important when selecting appropriate safety equipment for working at height; the order of preference being:

The risk of a fall must, wherever possible, be designed out. If this is not possible, the above hierarchy must be followed in equipment selection. The outcome of this research illustrates good practice, which was derived from interviews with system users, experts in selection and planning of accident protection methods, and observations of live case study sites.

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Updated 2021-04-19