RR299 - Evaluation of CEN ultrasonic testing standards for in-service inspection

This report discusses the capability of European based UT procedures (which supersede the equivalent British Standard, BS 3923) to detect service induced defects and looks at the limitations which could have significant safety implications across a broad range of industrial sectors.

The aim of this project was to evaluate the capability of procedures based on the EN standards for inservice inspection. The project has concentrated on inherent capability with no blind trials, and therefore complements projects like the PANI programme which has concentrated on human reliability rather than procedure capability.

The work involved ultrasonic inspection of a number of testpieces containing both synthetic and real service-induced defects (mainly cracks in welds). The project concentrated on detection, although some sizing trials were also performed. A steering committee was established with representation drawn from a variety of organisations to help direct and review the work. Recommendations based both on the results of this project and the views of the Steering Committee members are provided.

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Updated 2021-04-19