RR293 - Feasibility study to compare steel and adhesive/composite-based emergency repair methods for damaged hulls

A feasibility study comparing steel and adhesive-composite-based emergency repair methods for damaged hulls has been undertaken. Potential generic non-metallic repair methods are described, ranging from simple adhesive resin-based sealing repairs to more sophisticated adhesive-assisted structural composite repairs. Two appropriate non-metallic repair methods, one a sealant and the other a sealant/structural repair, are described and costed for the specific case of damage sustained by the BP Schiehallion FPSO, as a result of collision damage with the shuttle tanker, Nordic Savonita, in 1998. It is concluded that simple sealant repairs are feasible in emergency situations and that they may be completed safely in a short time and at low cost. A structural element may also be built into such repairs, where necessary, at a higher cost reflecting the sophisticated materials required and the longer time necessary for completion.

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Updated 2021-04-19