RR290 - Evaluation and further development of the HELA national training co-ordination website

An evaluation of work to develop the HELA training coordination web site to extend its functionality and augment its content to include a dedicated area for Priority Programme information and related communications. The findings indicate that there are three major perceived strengths associated with the website: the quality and relevance of its content, its functionality and flexibility and the potential for future development and expansion. Despite its design as an information exchange facility Local Authorities are predominantly using it as an information database from which to draw material posted by the site administrators. Its potential as a mechanism to facilitate a two way flow of information is not yet fully appreciated by Local Authorities. Action in relation to future operation and development of the site centres around improving site usage through greater publicity and promotion, increasing the amount of material posted, modifying the appearance of the site to facilitate navigation, and also by efforts to achieve greater participation and involvement with the website, particularly by encouraging Local Authorities to use the site as a mechanism to share best practice.

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Updated 2021-04-19