RR196 - Building an evidence base for the Health and Safety Commission Strategy to 2010 and beyond: A literature review of interventions to improve health and safety compliance

This project has been completed as an input to the Health and Safety Commission strategy for 2004-10. Its findings will complement those of the consultation in the autumn of 2003. The strategy emphasises the changing context in which it works, both in terms of the changing world of work and the changing expectations of the actions of a regulator. Another key factor is the increasing expectation that the Health and Safety Executive and local authorities provide justice for those involved when people and organisations harm members of the public. So, with increasing expectations and facing a broadening range of issues, prioritisation and effectiveness is becoming increasingly important. The purpose of this research is to build an evidence base on what interventions can help improve health and safety and compliance and what factors determine the success.

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Updated 2021-04-16