RR184 - Field Studies of the Effectiveness of Concrete Repairs

Phase 3 Report: Inspection of sites, sampling and testing at selected repair sites

Records of the investigations and testing of repairs carried out at the sites visited in Phase 3.

In total, 46 sites were visited. At certain sites, there was more than one type, generation or condition of repair, and in total 65 locations were examined. The sites were located in southern, western and northern England and the midlands. They included coastal, estuarine, river and inland locations. Elements included beams, columns, slabs and walls from structures including bridges, tunnels, power stations and other reinforced concrete frame buildings. At 48 locations the repairs were investigated with intrusive sampling, and 60 core samples were examined in the laboratory. At 13 locations the repairs were examined by visual inspection and hammer surveying. At 3 locations visual inspection was supplemented with non-destructive testing (NDT).

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Updated 2021-04-16