RR178 - The application of BS EN 61508 to industrial boiler installations

Report 1 - Hardware reliability aspects CI/03/23

Programmable Electronic Systems (PES) are becoming increasingly commonplace in boiler control. The monitoring and control facilities provided by these systems may be very sophisticated, allowing automatic shutdown, remote monitoring and a facility to automatically indicate at a remote engineering site that a fault has been detected.

The existing HSE guidance note, PM5, on automatically controlled boilers predates the use of PES in boiler control and the recently published standards, eg, BS EN 61508, which cover these technologies.

This report is the first in a series of reports describing analyses, which are intended to provide information that will allow a state-of-the-art revision of PM5 to be made.

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For additional information see also CI/05/11 The application of BS EN 61508 to industrial boiler installations: Report 2 - Development of a strategy for the allocation of risk to individual boiler safety functions

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Updated 2021-12-14