RR153 - Stability and support of sides of mine roadways

Addresses number of areas which required fundamental research in order to improve the industry's ability to support roadway sides safely. These have included developing an improved appreciation of the failure mechanisms involved and an improved understanding of how rib reinforcement consumables behave in-situ, including several recently adopted, new types of consumables. There was also a need to develop rib stability risk assessment tools and instrumentation which would allow rib conditions to be monitored and assessed and appropriate remedial action to be taken to prevent rib falls. Work under the project has contributed to the drafting of a revised British Standard on Strata Reinforcement Support System Components used in Coal Mines - Part 1 (BS7861:1). The project has also developed improved methods of numerical modelling and stress analysis of mine ribsides and pillars including assessment of in-situ stress through detection of the Kaiser Effect.

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Updated 2021-04-16