RR131 - Long-term testing of composite through-thickness properties

This study investigates the matrix dominated long-term behaviour of a typical glass polyester marine laminate. Cyclic fatigue and stress rupture (static fatigue) data were measured to provide the basis for the evaluation of long term performance. Characteristic long-term performance curves were calculated with a 97.5% tolerance and 95% confidence based on the procedures given in the DNV offshore standard for composite components, DNV-OS-C501.

The influence of sea water on short and long-term properties of the laminate was negligible for this laminate. Both static and cyclic fatigue cause a significant reduction of interlaminar shear strength with time, about 35% reduction after 20 years and 80% reduction after 106 cycles. This reduction should be considered when designing joints or other components where interlaminar shear strength is critical.

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Updated 2021-04-16