Stakeholder evidence to inform the development of HSE's Health and Work Strategy

HSE's Health and Work Strategy was launched in December 2016. It has three priorities: occupational lung disease, musculoskeletal disorders and work-related stress. To inform the development of the strategy, and the prioritisation decisions to maximise HSE's impact on improving occupational health, a significant exercise was undertaken to review and refresh the evidence base on health and work. This review used a multistranded approach which included targeted stakeholder consultation, focussed evidence reviews of recent literature, analysis of occupational health statistics, foresight work to explore the future world of work, and gathering views of those with medical, health, scientific and regulatory expertise.

This report describes the targeted stakeholder consultation used to explore the workplace health priorities of frontline occupational health providers, workplace health and safety representatives, apprentices and young workers. A multimethod approach was used with survey data collection and the use of qualitative research. Overall, the results across all groups supported mental ill-health (predominantly stress, anxiety or depression) and musculoskeletal disorders as the most significant ill-health issues in the workplace, now, and in the future, with lung and breathing problems also a concern.

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Updated 2021-04-16