RR106 - Job retention and vocational rehabilitation: The development and evaluation of a conceptual framework

Aimed at identifying the issues which employers, in partnership with their employees, need to address in order to facilitate the continued employment of such workers via the provision of vocational rehabilitation. Phase one consisted firstly of the development of a relatively brief framework document that sought to identify the process and practical activities central to the successful job retention by employers and employees possessing mental and physical impairments that effect their work performance and the factors that influence the adoption and operation of these processes and practices. Secondly, the presentation of this document to a conference of stakeholders at which delegates were given the opportunity to discuss the appropriateness of its content, as well as explore a number of related issues. Subsequently, in phase two, a review of the available research evidence was conducted concerning the validity of this framework document and the extent to which employers do currently undertake the types of activities in it. Overall, the evidence lent some support to the propositions put forward in the framework document.

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Updated 2021-04-15