RR099 - The use of castors on racks in the food processing industry

Investigates a problem in the food industry with racks which are moved into and out of both hot and cold areas during the course of a day. The racks may be operated in a hot area (temperatures of around 280 degrees C) and then moved into areas where temperatures are perhaps -30 degrees C. The problem appears to be that some of the wheels and castors currently in use are unsuitable for the application with the result that they screech, producing noise levels in excess of 90dB, and with time can be can become more difficult to manoeuvre. Two trolley user companies known to have these problems were approached and visited; an internet search was carried out for wheel manufacturers, their specifications and full range of products. This was to check if potential solutions exist which had not been applied to the UK food industry. Provides recommendations for the food industry on the selection of wheels and castors.

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Updated 2021-04-15