RR098 - Transport at work: Rollover of lorries transporting paper reels

Aimed to review the rollover risk in the light of current regulations and best practice, by theoretical and practical analysis of the real-life operations of a haulage company specialising in paper reels and paper products. Focused on the centre of gravity loads, which basic physics and accident reports suggested were vulnerable to rollover. A series of road trials were carried out with laden lorries, the acceleration vectors and other parameters were measured. The analysis included establishing the main risk factors, looking at the effect of natural oscillations and identifying possible instabilities such as load movement. Little evidence was found to support any major change in existing best-practice, except for the highest loads where there was an inherent rollover risk . Suggests this could be eliminated by good driving augmented by maximum speed recommendations on sharp bends and roundabouts.

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Updated 2021-04-15