RR87 - System-based calibration of North West European annex environmental load factors for the ISO fixed steel offshore structures code 19902

Presents the results of the simplified system approach used in the Joint Industry Project (JIP) to derive environmental load factors for a North Western European Annex to the ISO fixed steel offshore structures Code 19902.The main objective of this JIP was to calibrate the load factors for the NW European environment, although the other load and resistance factors were also assessed. Developed in collaboration with a broad industry grouping of consultants, oil companies and regulators from across Europe; BOMEL led the JIP load factor calibration phase. The JIP involved calibration using both a system-based approach and a component -based approach. Describes the methodology developed for a 'simplified' system-based calibration. Reaches a number of conclusions, including that is not possible to choose an environmental load factor such that it can achieve consistent system reliability across a wide range of parameters.

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Updated 2021-04-15