RR72 - Effective communication of chemical hazard and risk information using a multimedia safety data sheet

Workplace and laboratory studies were undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of the two computer multimedia safety data sheets (mmSDSs) in increasing users' knowledge of the hazardous substances in the product, as well as their ability to induce appropriate protective behaviour. Subjects received either the mmSDS or the conventional SDS package, which was also presented via computer. Exposure to hazardous substances was monitored pre- and post-intervention and the effect of the interventions on subjects' knowledge, attitudes and risk perception was also assessed. There was little change in the use of personal protective equipment and control measures for both types of SDS in the workplace studies, however use of these measures increased in the laboratory studies with the mmSDS being more effective at prompting change. These findings suggest that the mmSDS may be a more effective way of providing chemical safety information in the workplace.

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Updated 2021-04-15