RR61 - Factoring the human into safety: Translating research into practice. Volume 3 - Crew Resource Management Training for Offshore Operations

The aim of this workpackage was to design and evaluate a form of human factors training called Crew resource management (CRM) which is intended to improve safety, productivity, and to reduce down time on offshore installations. The course was designed by liaising with CRM developers in other industries, analysing incidents, scrutinising previous human factors research in the offshore industry, interviewing people with offshore experience, and talking with offshore management. Eight courses were delivered to a cross section of individuals working on five platforms from one operating company. Each course was evaluated by receiving feedback from the participants regarding the content and delivery of the course and participants' attitudes evaluated before and after the course using an attitude questionnaire. Participants' evaluation of an accident scenario were analysed. The feedback from the courses was was generally positive.

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Updated 2021-04-15