RR59 - Factoring the human into safety: Translating research into practice. Volume 1: Benchmarking human and organisational factors in offshore safety

The objectives of this workpackage were to : provide a vehicle and stimulus for the participating companies to pursue improvements in safety; create a tool with which to improve efficiency through the use of actionable results; establish indicators highlighting the effectiveness of safety measures; provide competitive analysis enabling peer group comparisons to be made; analyse trends in total safety expenditure, personnel satisfaction with safety and the effectiveness of the safety management system; develop a balanced scorecard by incorporating business impact measures. A set of indicators was developed to measure the human and organisational factors that can have an impact on offshore safety. This then provided the means by which the participating organisations could compare their relative performance and examine the reasons for the differences in safety performance. The data was then used to identify and share best practice, a stated aim of the UK oil and gas industry's Step change in safety initiative.

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Updated 2021-04-15