RR53 - Ship/platform collision incident database (2001)

Updates the database of collision incidents on the United Kingdom continental shelf (UKCS) and the collision frequency analysis provided in the report of the Marine Technology Support Unit,MaTR0477 "Update of collision incident database", 1997. Data has been collected from a number of collision incident record sources to confirm or complete previous records and to expand the database up to October 2001.The database has expanded from 494 records in MaTR0477 to 557 records. The database of operating experience has been recompiled and extended to encompass all mobile and fixed installations operating on the UKCS and takes into account recent abandonments, and is sorted into incidents involving "passing Vessels" and "attendant vessels". Records that collision incidents involving the former have occurred only 8 times. Nonetheless, the potential exists for major structural damage, possibly from even a glancing blow by a passing merchant vessel.

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Updated 2021-04-15