RR49 - Review of the Jack-Ups: Safety in Transit (JSIT) technical working group

Describes a summary review of this working groups activities, which met at intervals between early 1991 and late 1995 to review safety standards and codes, and to identify any research needs relating to jack-ups undergoing wet tows. There had previously been a number of major incidents and losses of jack-ups after they had encountered a severe storm during a wet tow. Technical work undertaken either directly or indirectly as a result of the group's activities included: a review of past jack-up losses; stability standards and seakeeping (with follow-up studies); studies on the application of quantitive risk assessment to jack-up tows, detection of water ingress, fatigue analysis guidance, assessments of the reliability of moorings during close proximity operations and close proximity manoeuvring, and the effects of applying the site specific assessment recommended practice to existing units; other studies relating to the recommended practice; watertight integrity of bulkheads and doors, and risk studies on towing operations. The Health and Safety Executive subsequently supported a programme of model tests to investigate the dynamic behaviour and stability of jack-up during a wet tow in severe weather.

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Updated 2021-04-15