RR48 - A review of Norwegian offshore based search and rescue helicopter operations

A review has been carried out of the approach adopted and experiences in the Norwegian sector for operating offshore based search and rescue (SAR) helicopters. Following this review an assessment has been made of any significant differences between current Norwegian continental shelf operations and the recommendations made in the proposals for using onshore and offshore based rescue and recovery (OBRR) helicopters on the United Kingdom continental shelf (UKCS) published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as OTO 2001 039. Sets out responses from representatives of Norwegian offshore regulators, installation operators and the helicopter operators, who provide offshore SAR cover in Norway. It was found that to a large extent the proposal made for UK OBRR helicopter operations are similar in many respects to current and proposed offshore based offshore SAR activities in Norway. Where there are variations these are found in the detail rather than as fundamental departures from expected norms.

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Updated 2021-04-15