RR38 - Review of workplace control measures to reduce risks arising from the movement of vehicles. Phase 1 & Phase 2

Aimed to obtain information about workplace transport safety from organisations of varying size and industry and divided into two sections, this research marks the completion of phase I. One hundred companies were randomly selected from each identified industry sector; these were of varying size (number of employees) and were operating from premises of different ages. A list of potential measures that could be used to control workplace transport was compiled and categorised under: pedestrian safety; traffic routes; vehicle safety; site safe engineering measures and designs; safe systems of work; training and selection and personal protective equipment. A questionnaire was devised to include general information about the company, such as the number of employees, general workplace transport safety, awareness of legislation, the implementation of control measures and their perceived effectiveness. This was piloted on 10 local communities through face to face interviewing, taking into account comments and suggestions the Questionnaire was redesigned, re -piloted on 25 companies through telephone interviewing. The final version of the questionnaire was mailed with a covering letter and pre-paid envelope to 2000 companies. Sufficient responses were received to allow statistical analysis, the responses were weighted in line with the total number of organisations in each sector; conclusions could be drawn about the population as a whole. States that there is a reasonably high reported level of awareness of health and safety legislation, but a sizable minority of companies have little awareness, and do not record accident data. About 40% of companies who reported being aware of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations said they had not conducted a risk assessment of workplace transport. These findings suggest that there is considerable scope for improving the promulgation of regulations, guidance on good practice, and enforcement.

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Updated 2021-04-15