RR37 - Impact of changes to T&R 5-5A on jack-up system reliability levels

Aims to develop a robust methodology to provide quantified guidance relating to the impact on reliability of changes to T&R 5-5A being presently considered by the industry. This will facilitate the industry consensus necessary for such changes to be fully incorporated into jack-up site assessment. Covers phase I of the work. Reviews previous pushover and reliability analyses, and areas were modelling improvements are recommended were identified. Factors that affect jack-up system reliability were identified and a premise for performing reliability analyses of jack-ups utilizing state-of-the-art modelling is outlined. Two rig/location cases were selected that were as close to the T&R 5-5A calibration cases as changes to T&R 5-5A on unity checks were evaluated based on such cases.

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Updated 2021-04-15