RR9 - Safety of roll containers

Roll containers are half pallet-sized platforms, with four running castors and with a wire cage used to contain goods during transport. They may be used to transport goods in a lorry between a warehouse and a retail store, or within a supermarket to transport goods from the storeroom to the sales floor. Covers: the causes of roll container accidents; provides advice on roll container design to improve stability and to reduce the risk of accidents during handling. Both wheel and handle design are specifically included; gives advice on loading limits for roll containers, including loading distribution. Gives information on manual forces needed to move roll containers and how the loading affects these forces. Produces recommendations on the use of tail lifts for use with roll containers. A video has also been produced as a training aid for both enforcement officers and industry, illustrating the factors involved in roll cage accidents and how these can be avoided.

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Updated 2021-04-15