OTO 2002/029

ISO TC 67/SC 7/WG 7/Panel 10 Structural static strength acceptance criteria

Concerns over the suitability of some of the structural criteria contained in the SNAME T & R Bulletin 5-5A - LRFD [1] and 5-5B - WSD [2] were raised in a report to the HSE by P A F A Consulting Engineers (PAFA). This report has now been published in the HSE's OTO Series as OTO 2001 001 [3]. These concerns arose in connection with: environmental load factors in the LRFD code; associating welding residual stresses with slenderness values; formulations for prismatic and hybrid sections; the application to jack-up assessment of the ISO tubular member strength formulations proposed for fixed steel structures; and estimating split-tubular chord sections on standard tubular member criteria.

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Updated 2021-04-15