OTO 2002/008

A safety based decision support system for the design of large offshore engineering products

With the cost of construction, operation and maintenance estimates in the multi-millions of pounds, the offshore industry is seeking ways of reducing both the time and money spent to provide the high-quality offshore structures needed to support the oil and gas extraction and production. Most real world design evaluation and safety-based decision support combine quantitative and qualitative (linguistic) variables. Decision-making based on conventional mathematics that combines qualitative and quantitative concepts always exhibit difficulty in modelling actual problems. The successful selection process for choosing a design/procurement proposal is based on a high degree of technical integrity, safety levels and low costs in construction, corrective measures, maintenance, operation, inspection as well as preventive measures. However, the objectives of maximising the degree of technical performance, maximising the safety levels and minimising the costs incurred are usually in conflict, and the evaluation of the technical performance, safety and costs is always associated with the uncertainty, especially for a novel system at the initial concept design stage.

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Updated 2021-04-14