OTO 2002/002

Support information for slips, trips and falls from height offshore

Provides a detailed understanding of the factors which influence the likelihood of slips, trips and falls from height (STFs) and suggests a strategy to reduce such accidents offshore , an important part of which is guidance to enable a practical assessment of STF risk. Information to support the findings in the final report is now presented as a series of appendices. Appendix A contains extracts from legislation which are relevant to STFs in general and offshore. Appendix B is a short document which can be used as a handout at seminars etc. in order to provide a summary of the key findings. Appendix C is an associated presentation which can be given to promote awareness of STF and solutions to the problem. Appendix D contains the results from the risk influence network (RIN) workshop which was undertaken to identify critical factors and paths in STFs. The critical factors/paths are presented as well as the weightings and ratings which were given to the potential influences on STFs for different scenarios. Appendix E shows the definitions and rating scales for the RIN factors which were used as the basis for the RIN workshop. Finally, appendix F presents a copy of the workforce questionnaire which was used to gather information on the causes and prevention of STFs during an offshore visit.

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Updated 2021-04-14