OTO 2001/086

Interpretation of experimental results from spadeadam explosion tests

This research is the first phase of a larger study and describes the investigations to date and a detailed scope of work for the second phase. The objectives for this phase of the project were to:- review the availability and suitability of the existing data; obtain the data in a form useable during the second phase; choose two or three tests for later simulation using the AutoReagas software and define the scope and execution plan for the second phase activities. All the data for the Spadeadam Tests (phases 2 and 3A) which is currently available in electronic form has been assembled. Other data required for the next phase of the project has been identified and located, its quality and usability has been confirmed. The basis of the proposed method is the generation of additional information on the characteristics of two or three chosen explosion tests by performing representative AutoReagas C.F.D. (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations. Describes a scope of work and execution method for achieving the objectives of the proposed second phase.

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Updated 2021-04-14