OTO 2001/081

Experimental validation of the ultimate strength of brace members with circumferential cracks

A series of twenty static strength tests have been carried out on both small-scale and large-scale plain tubular members with either through thickness cracks or surface cracks lying in the circumferential direction. The lengths of the through thickness cracks varied from about 10% to 80% of the circumference of the tubes, whilst the surface crack cases were of depth 80% of the thickness and lengths corresponding to the through thickness cases. The results have been analysed and compared to the BS7910 procedures for assessing ultimate strength or fracture behaviour and to modified procedures based on previous finite element analysis research at UMIST. It was found that improved assessments are given by the UMIST modified procedures. For through thickness cracks the results indicate that the BS7910 approach may be non conservative whilst for part thickness cracks the results indicate that BS7910 may be over conservative.

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Updated 2021-04-14