OTO 2001/079

Variable amplitude corrosion fatigue of jack-up steels.

Presents the findings from studies carried out on Variable Amplitude Corrosion Fatigue (VACF-T). Two main steels were investigated; these include SE 702 and DILIMAX690E. These steels are both of high strength jack-up steel grades with yield strengths in the region of 700MPa. The primary focus was on the investigation of the effect of cathodic protection (CP) on both parent and welded plates of different specimen geometry, with tests conducted both under constant and variable amplitude loading conditions using the Jack-up Offshore Standard load History (JOSH). The secondary focus of the investigation was to study the effect of transition period in the variable amplitude sequence on the fatigue performance of steels studied. The overall investigation was conducted in four parts, an additional part was subsequently conducted and included.

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Updated 2021-04-14