OTO 070/2001

The structural design of helidecks for offshore installations

This Offshore Technology (OT) Report provides information on the structural design of helidecks for Offshore Installations and should be read in conjunction with the latest edition of the CAA's 'Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas: a Guide to Criteria, Recommended Minimum Standards and Best Practice' CAP 437(4).
The information is based on guidance previously contained in Section 55 of the Fourth Edition of the Health and Safety Executive's 'Offshore Installations: Guidance on Design, Construction and Certification'(1) which was withdrawn in 1998. Only the information contained in Section 55.5 - Structural Design has been retained in this document. The other information has been superseded by CAP 437(4). As discussed in the Foreword, whilst the text has been re-formatted for Offshore Technology publication the technical content has not been updated. The appropriateness and currency of the information contained in this document must therefore be assessed by the user for any specific application.

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Updated 2021-04-14