OTO 040/2001

Marine Offshore Rescue Advisory Group: Good practice in offshore rescue

In recent years a large number of research study reports, codes of practice and company based operations manuals have been produced attempting to lay down the preferred manner in which marine offshore rescue should be carried out. While much of this advice is still valid today, it is generally widely dispersed throughout many documents to the extent that it is unlikely that all relevant aspects have been considered by all those who may be involved in offshore rescue. Improved standards may be achieved by industry-wide dissemination of authoritative and comprehensive guidance. The workgroup also recognised that the success of many rescues often depends on the skill and professionalism of the rescue craft crews, who are often tasked with saving lives in difficult circumstances. It is hoped that the production of this document will help stimulate the dissemination of information about marine rescue to and from rescue craft crews so as to enable them to benefit from the experiences of others.

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Updated 2021-04-14