OTO 011/2001

Corrosion protection

Covers: corrosion zones; protection against corrosion; corrosion and erosion protection of plan and equipment; corrosion under lagging, insulation and passive protection; surveys (corrosion protection); manuals (corrosion protection). Is based on guidance previously contained in section 12 of the Fourth Edition of the Health and Safety Executive's "Offshore installations: guidance on design, construction and certification" which was withdrawn in 1998. The withdrawal of the "Guidance" was not a reflection on the soundness (or otherwise) of the technical information it contained; some sections (or part of sections) of the "Guidance" are currently referred to by the offshore industry. For this reason, after consultation with industry, relevant sections are now published as separate documents in the HSE Offshore technology (OT) report series. Whilst the text has been reformatted for offshore technology publication, the technical content has not been updated.

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Updated 2021-04-14