OTO 078/2000

Static strength of cracked high strength steel tubular joints

A series of nine static strength tests were performed on full-scale pre-cracked tubular welded joints. Six T-joints and three Y-joints were loaded to failure, in axial and out-of-plane-bending loading respectively, using purpose designed testing rigs. The specimens were available from two previous fatigue test programmes conducted on a high strength jack-up steel (SE702). All specimens had at least one through thickness fatigue crack at the weld toe. The aim of this work was to support studies concerned with the assessment of the static strength of cracked tubular joints. Very little published information is available concerning the residual strength of members containing cracks and fabricated from high strength steel. The results from this study will support the development and verification of procedures for the prediction of the residual static strength in cracked tubulars.

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Updated 2021-04-13