OTO 055/2000

Analysis of structural response measurements - Phase 3B Spadadam

The Phase 3b tests performed at Spadeadam in September 1999 incorporated a number of sensors to enable the measurement of local stress time histories and structural response in addition to the sensors traditionally used to characterise the explosion loads.

The major technical content has been presented in this main report and three appendices.

The main report provides a general overview of the work and presents an overall discussion of the main results. The measured pressure traces are found to contain a high frequency component of uncertain origin. Appendices A and B deal with the identification of the source of this noise and rigorous methods for its removal. Appendix C deals with the interpretation of the strain gauge, accelerometer and displacement transducer measurements from a global structural point of view and uses the response results for a cylindrical obstacle at the vent to estimate vented gas velocities.

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