OTO 2000/001

Fracture Properties of Grade 'A' Ship Plate

This report is the result of a programme of work undertaken to generate fracture property data, including a measure of the degree of scatter, from rolled ship plate material, nominally Lloyd's Grade 'A', representing the lower end of the Charpy toughness spectrum. This was in response to concerns regarding the safety of sea going vessels, particularly when an extension of the service life is envisaged or a change of use, for example to offshore production or storage vessels, is considered which would require structural integrity assessments. Seven plates, which were not necessarily certified Grade 'A' plates but were offered by stockists as suitable alternatives, were examined. The selection was dictated by the desire to include plates at the lower end of the toughness spectrum. These, therefore, originated from a number of steel suppliers and had widely differing chemistries.

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Updated 2021-04-13