CRR 450/2002 - Evaluation of an expert system for the interpretation of serial peak expiratory flow measurements in the diagnosis of occupational asthma in a field trial

Oasys-2 is a computer based analytical tool for the evaluation of serial measurements of peak expiratory flow (PEF). It has been evaluated in clinic populations and has been found to have a sensitivity of 75% for the diagnosis of occupational asthma when evaluated against gold standard diagnostic methods independent of PEF measurement {1}. Its specificity is 94%. In the clinic situation around 50% of attendees provide an adequate record for diagnosis after postal instruction, rising to 85% after personal instruction and encouragement {2}. Oasys-2 has not been evaluated adequately in an epidemiological setting.

Workers exposed to grain have a variety of occupational respiratory diseases, including allergic and irritant asthma, grain fever, alveolitis and occupational COPD. The HSE has an ongoing study of farmers and dockers, including questionnaires, specific IgE measurements and lung function measurements. The existing populations in these studies were used to evaluate Oasys-2 in the field situation.

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Updated 2021-04-14