CRR 440/2002 - Exposure to pesticide residues on agricultural spraying equipment

After application, pesticide residues may be present on the external surfaces of the spray equipment. Persons using the machine for other purposes, or maintaining it, could be exposed to these residues. However, the risk to workers cannot be assessed as it is not known if residues exist at potentially hazardous levels. The aim of this study was therefore to quantify 'typical' pesticide residues on agricultural sprayers and to assess potential worker exposure.

Thirteen farms were visited on two occasions and swab samples were taken from the nozzles, boom, spray tank, door, windscreen, rear window and mudguards of the spray equipment. Cotton glove samples were also taken representing possible exposure whilst gaining entry to and working in the cab, general contact with the external surface of the sprayer, and maintenance. Supporting information was obtained on pesticide usage, and the gloves used to handle pesticide concentrates were collected to analyse residues contained on the insides.

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Updated 2021-04-14