CRR 430/2002 - Strategies to promote safe behaviour as part of a health and safety management system.

Promoting safe behaviour at work is a critical part of the management of health and safety, because behaviour turns systems and procedures into reality. On their own, good systems do not ensure successful health and safety management, as the level of success is determined by how organisations "live" their systems. This report gives an understanding of: the theory underpinning strategies to promote behaviour which are currently in use; how to use behavioural strategies to promote a wider range of critical health and safety behaviours; how to integrate behavioural strategies into a health and safety management system. States that to focus solely on changing individual behaviour without considering necessary changes to how people are organised, managed, motivated, rewarded and their physical work environment, tools and equipment, can result in treating the symptom only, without addressing the root causes of unsafe behaviour.

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Updated 2021-04-14