CRR 424/200 - A review of carbon monoxide incident information for 1999/2000

This report has been written by Advantica Technology as a continuation of the work established during the Joint Industry Programme (JIP) Addressing Carbon Monoxide (CO) Issues, within the Incident Data project area. It covers the period 1999/00. The aim of this work is to identify common causes of CO incidents related to appliance and system design, installation and maintenance. This information can then be used to further improve customer safety, to target expenditure on CO incident prevention and to identify further research work.

As part of the JIP project a national data collection scheme for piped natural gas and LPG CO incidents, which occur within Great Britain, was established by Advantica Technology. This was with the support of the HSE and the gas industry. This report provides information

collected via this national data collection scheme and analysed by Advantica Technology.

Historical data has also been used within the report, from previously unpublished internal company reports, to show incident trends.

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Updated 2021-04-14